Corporate executives, dignitaries, high-profile

                                           individuals and their families  are increasingly

                                           at risk of kidnapping, criminal assault and 

                                           miscellaneous threats.

Phoenix Dignitary Protective Agents (DPA) are experienced and trained to reduce these risks while maintaining a regular routine; discretion is our primary focus.

Handpicked from the ranks of the military, law enforcement and private sector, Phoenix DPA Agents are held to the Highest Standards. Our agents possess a wide range of mental and physical skills developed through extensive training and real-world applications. By emphasizing preparation over brute force, our Phoenix DPA agents

implement proven US Secret Service and corporate protection best practices to identify threats and reduce risk.

The key to minimizing risk is through Advance Work, accomplished

by visiting all points of a client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival;

our Agents assess threats, gather protective intelligence, and then

write a security plan that includes primary and secondary routes,

nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, restrooms, and front and

back entrances. Agents meet in advance with key personnel at

each location and always have back-up plans ready to avert a

possible threat. Phoenix maintains a library of continuously

updated advance information for each client and each frequent

location they visit. Adding to the Peace of Mind of our clients, our

agents are certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR/AED and always travel with trauma kits and oxygen.

Phoenix DPA Agents must complete a rigorous training,

education and certification process. These agents perform

the necessary threat assessments, advance work and

planning, logistics, emergency medical response,

communications and surveillance required in improving

the safety and security of our clients, domestically and

around the world.

Dignitary Protection is not about fighting, using a gun, or hiring an off-duty policeman. Instead, our focus is on proactive and preventative protection so that no security incident ever occurs.


Our agents are certified in:

  • Protective Advances                                                 Surveillance Recognition

  • Ambush Recognition                                                Cover and Evacuate

  • Bomb Incident Management                                  Threat Management

  • Evasive Driving                                                          Kidnap/Assassination Studies      

  • Access Control and Crowd Control                        Radio Communications

  • Safeguarding Privacy                                                Protective Intelligence                

  • Motorcades and Routes                                           Special Tactics

  • Public Affairs and Media Control                            Emergency First Aid (CPR/AED)           

  • Explosive Device Detection                                      Counter Surveillance                   

  • Protective Formations

                                    UNIFORMED SECURITY GUARDS

Our core service offering is uniformed security officer services – a team of highly engaged security professionals that are selectively recruited, rigorously screened, professionally managed, well supported, and extensively trained to deter incidents before they occur, respond to incidents when they occur, and provide exceptional customer service. In an industry that

often forgets about front-line employees, Phoenix views

our security professionals as our most important asset 

and primary sustainable competitive advantage. We

support our security personnel through a management

culture of servant leadership through which front-line

employees are at the top of the chart, and all supervisors,

managers, and executives support UP to the most important

person in the organization – the security officer. Phoenix

Elite Security's uniformed security \professionals provide

asset protection across a broad array of business sectors 

and work environments. Our security personnel are

trained and focused on the benefits of working as partners

in meeting the needs of the company's clients.

Uniformed security professionals are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained to American Standards, continuously monitored, and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure we're meeting the client's expectations. Management interviews all candidates thoroughly, conducts background checks, and determines personality/integrity profiles before adding them to the Phoenix team.

Prior to deployment, all Phoenix uniformed professionals receive focused new employee and client-specific training from highly experienced personnel management in all facets of the company, security, life safety, and customer service. After deployment, ongoing personal training and eventual supervision and management training are hallmarks of the Phoenix Elite Security Services employee development program.

The turnover of Phoenix security professionals is significantly lower than the industry norm. That fact is the result of: a belief in and practice of involved supervision and management; rigorous selection policies and practices; higher-than-industry-standard compensation and other benefits, which results in the company's ability to attract and retain the most effective security personnel available.

All Phoenix Elite Security Services uniformed security personnel have the reputation of being professional, well prepared and a natural extension of the client's workforce.



Phoenix Elite Security ServicesTM

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