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What Is Secure Transportation?


Secure transportation, which encompasses in-depth knowledge and a measured level of skill to conduct route surveys, recognize and develop safe havens, create alternate-route plans, and develop emergency evacuation plans. Advanced first-aid skills are also essential.

Secure transportation drivers are value-added members of the security team. Why does this market seek out those companies that offer secure transportation? The simple answer is that most events that have continued to be problematic are vehicle-related.

The overwhelming majority of security incidents involving corporate executives and high-profile individuals, including government officials and the military, have occurred while the targeted individual was in or around their vehicle.

43 percent of all security incidents in which an individual was the target of an act meant to embarrass, harass, or cause harm, occurred while the target was seated or riding in a vehicle.

Most targeted kidnappings (34.15 percent) worldwide occurred while the intended target was driving.

                      The Phoenix Security Driver


Phoenix Elite Security Services™ is Myanmar's industry leader in providing professional security drivers for corporations, private families and VIP clients visiting the country. Our Security Drivers provide the safest, most comfortable environment for customers so that they can focus on their business or leisure objectives.

We can provide a security driver to reduce risk during the one of most vulnerable and exploitable times – during transportation. Our security drivers practice evasive driving techniques, advance support procedures,  surveillance detection techniques and can recognize potential threats before they manifest into dangerous situations. Our drivers are trained to select appropriate routes with alternates, and emergency evacuation contingencies, all while designing around an unpredictable schedule that maximizes security and minimizes risk during daily commutes or event-related travel.  

           –Customized Security Driver Services

           Our Security Driver Services can help with and offer the following services:


           VIP Secure Transportation Services

           Security Driver

          —Our security drivers are trained in a variety of safety and security techniques,  including defensive

          driving tactics- all modeled after the latest U.S. Secret Service techniques. 


                                           Drivers are also trained in first aid and CPR.


                          Initial consultations are always discreet, personal and free.

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