Mark Wilson has over 45 years of Law Enforcement, Security, and Investigations experience.

                                                                  Mark retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1997 with almost 27 years of honorable 

                                                                  service. When he retired he was posted as Sergeant Major of Headquarters Battalion, School of Infantry

                                                                  at Camp Pendleton, CA.  Mark has extensive leadership and instructor experience. He has served in billets

                                                                  as Infantryman, Mortarman, Military Policeman, Drill Instructor, Criminal Investigator, Detachment

                                                                  Commander of a Marine Security Guard Detachment at an American Embassy, Marine Liaison to Secret

                                                                  Service, Detachment Commander of the Marine Security Force aboard a US Navy Aircraft Carrier,

                      Mark Wilson                     Chief  of Security to Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, NIS Special Agent, First Sergeant of numerous

                Managing Director                 training companies at US Marine Corps School of Infantry and Sergeant Major of Headquarters Battalion,

             Phoenix Elite Security              School of Infantry. After retirement, Mark spent 6 years as a patrol officer with the Escondido Police

                       CRISIS24                          Department and served on the Mutual Aid Platoon providing rapid response to riot situations. Mark has

                                                                 augmented the Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security with official visits of diplomats and

                                                                 foreign heads of state.

                                                                 He served 5 years as a US State Department Civilian Police Advisor with the Bureau of International

                                                                 Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) stationed in Al Anbar Province, Iraq and Kunduz Province,

                                                                 Afghanistan recruiting, hiring, training, mentoring and advising the Iraqi and Afghan Police. Mark has

                                                                 provided close-in security for Presidents, Heads of State, Corporate Executives, numerous celebrities and

                                                                 Movie Stars.

                                                                 Mark founded Phoenix Elite Security in Yangon in 2012 and has built it to be the premier security

                                                                 service in Yangon for providing Executive/VIP/Dignitary Protection,  security  equipment installation, service

                                                                 and monitoring and secure executive transportation.