Monitored Alarm Systems

Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your business or home security system and Phoenix Elite Security Services central station. Your control panel registers an emergency event and sends a signal to our central monitoring station, where the appropriate authorities are notified and sent to your business or home.

The basics of alarm monitoring is similar in any business or home

security system. Your system control panel is the center of a network

of sensors, which may include window or door sensors, motion

detectors, tamper sensors on the telephone box, or specialized

temperature, flood, and smoke detectors. When your system is

armed and any of these sensors are triggered, a signal is sent to our 

monitoring station-typically via your telephone line, although we also

offer alternate or backup transmission options.

The first signal sent by your control panel will alert Phoenix monitoring

personnel at the central station, who will call to notify you and confirm

whether it's a real emergency or a false trigger. If you don't respond, the alarm monitoring personnel contact the proper agency to dispatch emergency personnel to your address. We also offer additional features, such as immediate alarms, which don't depend upon a confirmation call or silent alarms that don't alert intruders and give them a chance to disable the system before the follow-up signal is sent.

Critical information is sent by your security system to our alarm monitoring center, including account identification (to access your address and contact information) and the type of sensor that has been triggered.

For example, a smoke detector event will alert us to contact the fire department, while the signal from a medical alert pendant will be routed to ambulance or paramedic services.





Unmonitored "local" alarms do provide some important benefits. If you're home, the alarm noise lets you know that there's a problem and allows you to take necessary action. The noise may even frighten off some less-determined intruders, but most will simply ignore it and disarm your control panel as soon as possible. Many emergencies are too serious for you to deal with by yourself, especially if you're disabled or otherwise incapacitated; in most cases, you'll want police, fire, or medical professionals on the scene as soon as possible.

Around-the-clock alarm monitoring is an essential feature offered by Phoenix. For more provider-specific information on alarm monitoring details and services, we recommend you  call us at  +95 9794 777 317 to discuss alarm monitoring and security system options with a knowledgeable Phoenix Elite Security Services security specialist.

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